1. flannelgurl:

    Well, these look badass!


  2. Loner is coming.

  3. plomper:

    april 4th - april 11th 2014


  4. Free Throw Sign To Count Your Lucky Stars



    Free Throw have signed to Count Your Lucky Stars and are reissuing their Lavender Town 7” via the label. The band is also preparing the release of their debut LP later this summer. Stream Lavender Town below after the jump.

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    so proud of our boys!

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  5. tinyteef:

    Anxious, Worrying. Waiting, Worrying. Anxious, Worrying. Waiting, Worrying.

  6. Make me happy, please. My body is so worn down.

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  7. brokenworldmedia:

    Brightside - Jetpacks

    Stream / download free “Jetpacks” the new single from the upcoming Brightside LP, “Now and Loud”


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  8. mugmugmuggg asked: You guys plan to ever stop by Denver in the future?

    See ya in June!

  9. revhq:

    Part 2 of the new arrivals at Rev HQ #thebody #pup #thesmiths #citycop #sickofitall #blistered #doomabuse #thecautionchildren


  10. jacobcouch69 asked: Thanks for the great show in Louisville, you guys were such nice folks too, thanks for the great conversation post show.

    For sure man!

    French fry pizza forever.