1. Thursday! Cleveland! Mahalls! This is going to rip!

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    Found this City Cop record in a record store in Erie had to pick it up! #CityCop #seasons #vinyl #vinylcollector #vinylcollection #records #recordcollector #recordcollection #music


  3. Anonymous said: why is dylan from TMP so happy all the time. he's so happy. too happy to be in a sad band


    - derrick

  4. Sometimes a short term memory is a blessing.

  5. Music Video shoot part 2. Be ready.

  6. Hope everybody has a great Thursday!

  7. Tonight at Its A Kling Thing!

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    And then there were none - Dead at 65, Tommy Ramone

    I can’t even speak. 


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  9. 8 Bands In The Heavier Side of Emo That You Need to Listen To Before They Inevitably Break Up and You Look Like A Poser



    Just kidding, but not really.

    Unfortunately while the emo scene has given us a fantastic sleuth of bands in the heavier side of the spectrum (Saetia, Orchid, iwrotehaikus, Cerce etc) a lot of these bands seem to break up without warning before we even get the chance to appreciate them, leaving empty holes in our sad angst ridden little hearts and leaving us to press our own bootleg Merchant Ships t-shirts and Seyarse patches to look cool for our Skramz-pals.

    However for every screamo band that seems to put down their instruments, another 2 seem to pop up and pick up right where they left off. Despite the community, the emo scene itself is still very small and the heavier more abrasive side of it even smaller.

    So to take a break from the twinkly FACGCE bands and bedroom folk heroes, I just thought I’d take the time to list a few bands in the scene that reside on the more heavier spectrum of the genre, and how they’re continuing to improve and expand the genre that the early 2000’s left us early-20-somethings to discover later in life once we’d been dumped enough times.

    Read More

    Thanks to Funeral Sounds for mentioning us in this! (Although we don’t plan on breaking up anytime soon  )

  10. Here is our next show! Banger.