1. oldfolksatroland:

    Petition for a super ill citycop tour


  2. Anonymous said: Who are some of the coolest people you've met on tour (band and non-band people?)


    We’ve met a ton of amazing people on tour! Too many people to really make a list haha. Almost everywhere we’ve been someone amazing has hung out or taken care of us! We love all of them!

    As for bands some of the coolest by far have been (in no particular order):
    Tiny Moving Parts
    You Blew It!
    Class Picture
    American Verse
    Have Mercy
    Two Knights
    And there are more but I’m getting tired of typing haha sorry!


  3. some-kind-of-sadwallader:

    Free Throw | Two Beers In

    (via freethrowemo)

  4. cleveland-diy:

    Good friends coming through Akron to play good tunes. Don’t miss this one!

    Secret Plot To Destroy The Entire Universe (Philly)

    Running Shoes (Milwaukee Emo)

    Vita Bassa (Akron Hardcore/Members of Citycop)

    Death Trap (Cleveland Hardcore)

    Wasted Jaw (Cleveland)

    Night Moves Forever (Acoustic set between bands)
    www.decadesmusic.bandcamp.com &

    It’s A Kling Thing! House (403 Kling)

  5. whirrband:

    Lol, this girl thinks she’s pulling one on Devin by “standing him up” outside her dorm. Little does she know, we’re all actually partying in our hotel and hanging out with all of our snacks and money.

    Lol shit-gaze and friends, you gotta wake up a little bit earlier in the mornin’ to pull one on the big dogz.


  6. terriblemusicblogger:

    citycop reminds me of a non shitty la dispute idk why they’re noting alike 

  7. Emo revival bob ross

  8. Buffalo! Tomorrow!


  9. When we played Seattle on our last tour we did an interview with e Fringe Music. We then partied with the interviewer. Check it out here!


  10. This will be the first time we have ever played Buffalo and we’re super excited!