1. This will be the first time we have ever played Buffalo and we’re super excited!


  2. Free Throw Stream New Song


    Free Throw are streaming a new song off of the upcoming Those Days Are Gone, due out September 16th through Count Your Lucky Stars. Listen to “Tongue Tied” here and preorder a copy here!


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  3. Soon,


  4. anarchohio:


    Songs that reflect the sincerity of the person overlapped by incredible passion. That’s how I would describe this night.

    Akron, OH’s CityCop played first and it was my first time hearing them in an actual venue and not someone’s house. And when the sound of Max’s guitar rang through, holy…


  5. f0m:

    But they can’t accept the fact, that everyone’s not like them 
    that everybody can express themselves in a way that they can’t, 
    can we learn to coexist? In a place where all the cliques 
    have their own thoughts, their own opinions being put in their heads. 
    Well I will take a stand, I will face everybody with a chance 
    Of not being accepted, we need to accept 
    this shit has to change, when you lose the meaning of what you love 
    and make it everything that you hate, it begins, to lose its fun. 
    Have you lost all of your heart and reason? 

  6. Regram. Great to play a show in out hometown last night. We had a blast.

  7. This is tomorrow at my parents house. Headbang with me as I come out of #mosh retirement for #one night only


  8. Free Throw Stream New Song; Release Preorders for New Album


    Free Throw will be releasing Those Days Are Gone on September 16th through Count Your Lucky Stars. Listen to “Two Beers In” here and preorder a copy here!

  9. Banger tonight with United Nations and @frameworksband

  10. frameworksband:

    ICYMI: Skateboards, dogs, fireworks, fire.

    If you haven’t yet, pick up our new album from Topshelf Records.